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Balmy Florida Evening, by Matt Tilghman
Balmy Florida Evening
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An anchored sailboat, a ragged mangrove coastline, beautiful sand flats, and a tranquil sunset all combine to give that prototypical Florida feel.
Biscayne Bay
I purposefully avoided naming the specific location in the title, because to me, this type of scene is the perfect prototypical Florida vista. It oozes relaxation, which I find to be South Florida's best quality. The sailboat peacefully anchored in a mangrove cove, the sand flats revealed by low tide at day's end, all in sync with the sunset that is gradually losing its color, as if in tacit approval of the day being properly concluded... to me it just all comes together and evokes those calm Caribbean memories that never leave you. And for those who still want to know the location: this was taken on Key Biscayne, facing Biscayne Bay.
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