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Brazilian Rain Tree, by Matt Tilghman
Brazilian Rain Tree
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Beautiful tropical Brazilian Rain Tree (pithecellobium tortum) in bloom
South Florida
I placed this photo in the "South and Central America" album, but it was really taken in an arboretum South Florida. But really, the location is immaterial. It could be anywhere. The photograph is about the tree, a Brazilian Rain Tree (Pithecellobium tortum or Chloroleucon tortum) - endemic to Brazil. This tree has to be seen to be truly appreciated. It is absolutely fascinating. By far the coolest feature is the trunk, which has deep grooves. The leaves are also beautiful - delicate and weeping. The flowers are not often considered as showy as other tropical trees, but this particular arrangement caught my attention. I loved the way they alternated, zig-zagging up the branch, all pointing up in happy unison.
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