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Colors on the Chattooga, by Matt Tilghman
Colors on the Chattooga
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Autumn brings soft light, golden trees, and a bright carpet to the Chattooga River in North Carolina.
Chattooga River
Autumn is such a beautiful time of year in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The crispness of the colors, the crispness of the air… it is just a great time and place to be alive. The place I have family – Cashiers – is home to the humble beginnings of the fabled Chattooga River. It's one of my favorite haunts, but this was actually my first chance to photograph it in fall. Upon arriving, I went straight to this scene. It's a private stretch owned by a group of devout trout fisherman, and are obsessed with keeping it pristine and untouched as one of the last abundant, unstocked trout fisheries in the area. Fly fishing tournaments are even held here! One of the owners is a family friend, and when he concluded I was not a threat to the landscape or trout, but rather only a source of free artwork, he graciously let me explore the land. It is stunningly beautiful and one of my favorite places on Earth.
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