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Elowah Falls, by Matt Tilghman
Elowah Falls
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Elowah Falls is a majestic waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge, just on the Oregon side of the Oregon-Washington border.
Elowah Falls
Elowah Falls is a stunning waterfall on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge. Even though it is pretty easy to get to, and one of the more beautiful waterfalls in the area, it is relatively uncrowded. Most of the tourists are captured by the larger Multnomah Falls, and old US 30 funnels you back onto the interstate before you pass the trailhead for Elowah Falls. It's really only found by those looking for it. On this late August afternoon, I was the only person there. This falls is both intimate and majestic at the same time, falling 228 feet off sheer cliffs. On this day, the wind was ripping through the clearing, causing the waterfall to take some cool shapes. Most of the shots of Elowah are taken from further down the creek shrouding the waterfall in foliage and making it look forested. I was downright shocked when I saw how wide open it was, and attempted to capture that aspect of its character here.
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