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Friendship, by Matt Tilghman
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Photograph from Russian Ridge, California. The sun sets behind a thin layer of fog high up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in California's Bay Area.
Russian Ridge Open Space
Russian Ridge is especially nice to photograph on days like this one, because the air is such that the fog does not form directly at sea level. Instead, it must be pushed up by the mountains and therefore cooled before the fog forms. This means you are not looking at a thick layer of fog, but rather a thin veneer that exists only near the mountains, which leaves lots of room for the sunlight to dance with the landscape in the background. I know that the title for the photograph might seem a little odd or arbitrary, but it just feels like the right title to me. It's a photograph of a landscape, yes, but landscape scenes can still evoke similar emotions as other life experiences. This image instills in me a feeling reminiscent of friendship.
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