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Green Explosion, by Matt Tilghman
Green Explosion
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Lush vegetation awakens in California's Samuel P Taylor State Park after a heavy rain storm.
Samuel P Taylor State Park
Like so many people in the Bay Area, I've got drought fever. The landscape has just been so dry this winter (2014). I miss the verdant scenes I've come to expect this time of year. So when the most recent heavy rains hit, all I wanted to do was head out to see how the lands would react. I wanted to go somewhere that I thought would react fairly immediately to the rains, as well as somewhere that I hadn't been yet. So after some deliberation, I decided to head out to Samuel P Taylor State Park – a forest I'd passed through on several visits to Point Reyes, but never hiked in. The park was the perfect destination. The forests were indeed teeming with moisture, and the greens were exploding from their den of hiding. This photo was taken on Bill's Trail. The clearing storm made for a windy day, hence some motion blur on the foreground ferns.
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