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Lost in Summer, by Matt Tilghman
Lost in Summer
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Beautiful summer scene of Lost Lake, in the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest, in Oregon. Mount Hood in the distance.
Lost Lake
This is a photograph of Lost Lake, Oregon, with Mount Hood in the background. This was my first and only visit to the lake, and by sheer luck I happened to visit at a time of day (and year) when the sunlight on the mountain was just sublime. I was surrounded by throngs of locals who seemed well aware of this, as if it were a mere platitude. The drive to the lake is somewhat sombering, passing through miles of backcountry that one would hope is pristine, but in reality is quite logged. But as one nears the lake, the National Forests start to take over, and this sombering reality fades. It is nevertheless a reminder that true wilderness is becoming a luxury good, while thin veneers of wilderness are becoming far and far more common.
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