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Mystic Swamp, by Matt Tilghman
Mystic Swamp
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Beautifully eerie tree island in Florida's Fakahatchee Strand.
Fakahatchee Strand
The swamps of South Florida have a peculiar type of beauty. Most people see scenes in great photographs or documentaries, and find it paralyzingly beautiful. But then they come, and usually are quite disappointed. Take this scene, taken in Fakahatchee Strand, near Janes Memorial Scenic Drive. I found the area to be quite beautiful. But if you read reviews of this location online, there's negative review after negative review, claiming this road does not deserve the title "Scenic Drive." I had the park mostly to myself this day, but I did pass a few other cars. Or rather, they passed me... going as fast as the dirt road would let them, with a cloud of dust so think that they probably could not see out of their windows. I suspect they were driving as fast as possible, hoping to come across a wide open vista staring them in the face, as one may expect to do in Yellowstone or Yosemite. That's not how it works here. The scenes of beauty are hiding, waiting to be uncovered. And often, even when you stop and look, the beauty doesn't hit you right away. It takes time for it all, the peculiarity and uniqueness of the whole experience, to sink in.
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