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Sliding Rock, by Matt Tilghman
Sliding Rock
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Sliding Rock is a fun, small waterfall in North Carolina, and is part of the headwaters of the Chattooga River.
Sliding Rock
I think this image of Sliding Rock, North Carolina (not the well-known one – a smaller one near Cashiers) can teach a very important aspect of photography. Undoubtedly, sometimes photographs stray from realism, which is perfectly fine. However, sometimes they can also aid in showing a reality that you can't notice with your naked eye, due to how we perceive the passage of time. I would never have noticed the vortex forming below the waterfall and behind the rock with my own eyes, because it was swirling too slowly, and there was too much else going on. However, after looking at some of the long exposures, I quickly saw this feature, and began to compose around it. It's not only our eyes that we can use in order to help find our compositoin, it's also the camera's!
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