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Smoky Mountain Sunrise, by Matt Tilghman
Smoky Mountain Sunrise
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Fog fills the valleys of the Great Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina in this panorama of Santeetlah Gap.
Santeetlah Gap
This scene is from a part of North Carolina that I rarely visit. We were kicked out of our house for wedding preparations, so decided to do some exploring. This is a vew of Santeetlah Gap, which is in the westernmost reaches of North Carolina, very near the Tennessee border. It actually felt quite a bit different than the Highlands Plateau, which is where I usually photograph. The mountains were higher, and the foliage less like a rain forest. And with the night came more fog than I'm used to, or at least it was easier to see it. From high on the ridge near Snowbird Mountain Lodge, you could see all the peaks and valleys below, flooded with fog like like a dammed-up river. Even though this type of scene might be relatively common in the part of the Smokies that is more western than my own, it was quite a sight for me.
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