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Storm Approaching Miami, by Matt Tilghman
Storm Approaching Miami
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Large morning storm brews just off the coast of Miami Beach, Florida.
Miami Beach, Florida
This photograph feels more remote than it actually is. If you were able to turn around, you'd see Ocean Drive and the main strip of South Beach. In fact, I chose Miami Beach because I planned on featuring it in my photographs that morning (I have more remote places I go when I want to photograph nature), but when I arrived and saw the sinister storm brewing off shore, my plans changed. The churning sea tossed plenty of seaweed onto the beach overnight, which made it much easier to get that wilderness feeling. This is what I love about Miami in summer – there are so many different aspects impacting the weather that you never know what you're going to get. Summer storms usually come in the afternoon, and originate over land. This one was an unexpected, but welcomed, surprise.
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