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The Night Watch, by Matt Tilghman
The Night Watch
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Panorama of the Golden Gate Bridge and dramatic Marin Headlands at night, when the bridge seems to guard the bay against the mighty Pacific Ocean.
Golden Gate Bridge
This photograph was taken on Baker's Beach, a very popular spot to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. So decided I had to try to make my photograph different in some way. Most of the photos taken here feature a beautiful sunset and reflective waters (only because the sand is flat and wet, not because the water is still). To me, those photos give off a very peaceful vibe, which is not the right vibe for this location, in my opinion. The Golden Gate (the strait between the Marin Headlands and the San Francisco Peninsula) is very treacherous. Rough seas, deep and frigid waters, and intense winds (not to mention opaque fog, on many days). To that end, I tried to give a more ominous feel to my take... to convey the sense that this is a location which has been circumvented by engineering, but still not tamed.
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