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Winter's Gift, by Matt Tilghman
Winter's Gift
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With the arrival of winter comes the arrival of clouds to California's Bay Area, and the sunrises become worth waking up for.
Russian Ridge Open Space
I drove to Russian Ridge on this morning, hoping to find a landscape covered in snow. It had been frightfully cold in the Bay Area, and a storm was supposed to pass through overnight. When I got there, however, it was clear that all the precipitation had been rain. Nevertheless, I was still excited, because the clouds looked to be shaping up for a perfect sunrise. That is the benefit of winter in the Bay Area: we actually get the chance to look at some clouds! The skies are dreadfully boring in summer. This photograph is from Borel Hill, just before the sun rose into view, as is evidenced by the bright gilding on the very furthest clouds. Sunrise came a few moments later, with stunning intensity. However, it only lasted a handful of seconds, as at that very moment I got enveloped in precisely what I had set out to find: a snow shower!
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